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‘STORIES FROM THE SOIL’ - Solo Exhibition by Faizal Suhif

Faizal Suhif, born 1984 graduated from UiTM with his Master degree in Fine Art last year is having a solo exhibition entitled Stories From The Soil at the G13 Gallery from 1st March to 22nd March 2014. Exhibiting 25 pieces of new works including oil paintings and transfer printings, the artist will also complete the exhibition by installing nature elements to enhance the visual communication.
Spending plenty of time while making art and has developed from the conventional printmaking, Faizal invented his very own printmaking skills to create artworks. “I like to wander around my living area with my tool kit, whenever I see interesting texture, the ground the cement, I will start doing the transfer print", said Faizal during an interview. To him the time consumed is not merely a process of art making but also a conversation with the nature and meditation to the artist himself.
Growing up from a farming family, Faizal's concern is about Mother Nature and he believes in the effort of seeding. "Seeds can grow into trees, they are the food and oxygen supplier, but people don't normally appreciate seeds", Faizal finds people often running after velocity and achievements but neglected the basic elements that breed us, he hopes his artworks can ease the pace and calm the soul, at the same moment convey his theory to the audiences.

Exhibition period               : 1st March – 22nd March 2014
Exclusive Preview             : 17th February – 28th February 2014

Official Opening                : 1st March 2014 , 8.00pm

Venue                              : G13 Gallery, GL13,Ground Floor, Block B, Kelana Square, Jalan SS7/26,
     47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor. (behind Paradigm Mall)

Opening  hour                   : Monday - Friday
     11am – 5pm (Closed on Public Holiday)

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G13 Gallery: 03-7880 0991   /   019-2114 697 (Kenny)    /   013 - 234 2126  ( Wendy ) 

Major Artworks

Buka Tanah I 
339x152cm Monoprint, Stencil & Oil on Canvas 2014

Buka Tanah II 
339x152cm Monoprint, Stencil & Oil on Canvas 2014

Tanah Sekaki
30x30cm each Monoprint, Stencil and Oil on Canvas 2014

Di Tanah yang Sepi 
152x122 cm  Monoprint Oil Paint & Stencil on Canvas 2014

Buka Tanah
152x122cm Monoprint, Stencil and Oil on Canvas 2014

Di Tanah yang Sunyi
152x122cm Monoprint Oil Paint & Stencil on Canvas 2014

Kita hanya titipan
152x122 cm Monoprint & Oil Paint on Canvas 2014


Salji di Meru 
152x122cm Monoprint, Stencil and Oil on Canvas 2014

Sebenih Sepi 
152x122 cm Monoprint & Oil Paint on Canvas 2014

Menyemai Budi 
203x53.5cm Monoprint & Oil paint on Canvas2014

Sepetak Puisi Sepi
152x92cm Monoprint and Oil on Canvas 2014

Diari Anak Petani 
92x92cm Monoprint, Stencil & Oil on Canvas 

Fossil dari Meru 
92x92cm Monoprint,oil and stencil on Canvas 2014 


Mengharap hujan I 
92x92cm Monoprint and Oil on Canvas 2014

Mengharap hujan II
92x92cm Monoprint and Oil on Canvas

Sebidang Tanah Pusaka 
92x92cm Monoprint & Stencil on Canvas 2014

                                                         Sepi Di Tanah licin 
                                      92x92cm Monoprint & oil on Canvas 2014


Dua Pilihan
25x18cm Monotype and graphite on Paper 2013

Simbiosis II
25x18cm Monotype and Ink on Paper 2013

Menanti Sepi
25x18cm Monotype on Paper 2012 Faizal Suhif

Sebenih Udang 
25x18cm Monotype on Paper 2013

25x18cm Monotype and Ink on Paper 2013

18x20cm Monoprint and Graphite on Paper  2013

Great Wall
12x30cm Monotype and ink on Paper 2013

Sebenih Fossil
21x30cm Monoprint and Ink on Paper 2013

Monday, 17 February 2014

CV Faizal Suhif

Mohd Faizal Suhif (b 1984, Muar)

Born 1984, Muar, Faizal Suhif is a printmaker graduated from UiTM with his Master Degree in 2013. Founded his very personal way of executing printmakings, Faizal often make his block prints from found objects such as drift wood and cement. He has been a full time artist for many years and now also a part time lecture in a local institution.

Working round the clock, Faizal is a humble yet aggressive artist who has been exhibited his works widely, for example the NBC International Silkscreen Print Biennial in Tokyo and the 1st Printmaking Triennial in Macau. In local, the artist has been exhibiting with G13 Gallery, Segaris AC, Core Design, Wei-Ling Gallery, HOM and Pelita Hati. The artist won the numerous chances of AiR projects which included G13 Gallery Bali Residency and Beranda Art Residency in Langkawi.

He has been widely collected by institutions and also private collectors like Dr.Steve Wong, Pahkaruddin, Dr.Jude, Dato K C Loh, Mr.Song Soon Onn, Lee Khai and many more.

2013        M.A in Fine Art, UiTM Shah Alam
2008        Degree Hons in Fine Art, UiTM Shah Alam
2006        Diploma in Fine Art, UiTM Malacca

2011         Jurors Awards, UKM Bangi,
2009         Consolation prize, Johor Open Show
                Finalist, Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad Art Awards
2008         Consolation prize, Nando's Perify Your Art Competition
2007         Honorable mention, NBC International Silkscreen Print Biennial Exhibition
                3rd prize, Dentsu Toyota Blank Canvas Project
                Consolation prize, IMU International Art Competition
                5th prize, Saloon Meets Art Competition

2013        Beranda Art Residency, Langkawi
2012        G13 Gallery Bali Residency Program, Bali
2011        AiR Shah Alam Gallery
2008        AiR Art Village, Selangor

Solo Exhibition
2014        Stories from the Soil, G13 Gallery
2013        Fossil, Beranda Langkawi Art Gallery
2012        Silent Diary, G13 Gallery
2011        A Piece of Land..., Shah Alam Gallery
2002        First Show, Sekolah Menengah Air Hitam

Selected Group Exhibition

2013        Young Contemporary, G13 Gallery
                Spice, Pace Gallery
                Destiny- Young Contemporary Group Exhibition, National Visual Art Gallery
                Master Show, UiTM Showcase Gallery

2012         1st Printmaking Triennial, Macau China
                Dialogue II- Gaya Fusion, Bali, Indonesia
                Open Show, G13 Gallery
                Ember, Qube Gallery
                Malaysia- Iran Art Exhibition, Aswara Gallery
                Beautiful Mind, Core Design Gallery
                Malaysian Landscape, Core Design Gallery
                Ahmad Scissorshand, Core Design Gallery

2011         Hijrah Warna, 3rd WARNA Group Art Exhibition, Utterly Art, Singapore
                First Page, Pinkguy Gallery
                2011 Expression, ASWARA Fine Art Faculty Group Show
                Figure Drawing Exhibition, Shah Alam Gallery
                Colour Expression, Pelita Hati
                This Is It, Core Design Gallery
                Rasa Antarabangsa, UKM
                GOHD, Wei-Ling Contemporary @ Gardens
                   The Malaysian Rice Plate Project, Wei-Ling Gallery in conjuction with Ministry of Tourism
                Obsession Art Disorder, Core Design Gallery
                Expression 2 by MaTiC, Art Gallery
                Art Expo Malaysia
                They Way We See, Dunia Seni Lukis Gallery
                Cirque Du Freak, Core Design Gallery

2010         Locals Only, Taksu Gallery KL
                Printmaking Show, Muzium Seni Asia Universiti Malaya
                Earth Hour, Zinc Gallery
                H20 Group Exhibition, Art Village Bangsar
                GR8 New Generation, Wei-Ling Gallery
                Mekar Citra Art Exhibition, Shah Alam Gallery
                VAA Young Contemporary, Gallery@ Starhill
                The Regiment- Alternative Printmaking Exhibtion, USM Penang
                MATIC Contemporary Group Exhibition
                Figure Drawing Exhibition, MaTiC Art Gallery
                Absolute 18@8, Wei-Ling Gallery
                Merapi Charity Art Exhibition, HOM

2009         Change- Wandel Mail Art 2008, Galerie Colongnialwaren, Berlin Germany
                360 Warna, 2nd WARNA Group Art Exhibition, The Gallery @ Bangsar
                Palestine Charity Exhibition, National Visual Art Gallery
                Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad Exhibition, National Visual Art Gallery
                Young and New part III, HOM
                1st International Mail Art Exhibition, Shah Alam Gallery
                Rasa Alam, UKM Bangi
                Merdeka, TMS Art Gallery
                Printmaking Exhibition, 360 Gallery
                Johor Open Show, Galeri Seni Johor

2008         The 11th Mail Art Exhibition- Postcards from The Edge, A Benefit for Visual AIDS, US
                Smash, 1st WARNA Group Art Exhibition, NN Gallery
                Nando's Perify Your Art, NN Gallery
                Rasa Antarabangsa, UKM Bangi
                Open Show, Gallery Shah Alam
                3 Degrees, UiTM Shah Alam
                Interiors Malaysia 2008, Putra World Trade Centre
                Young and New part II, HOM
                Pameran Pelukis Semenanjung, Galeri Seni Lukis Sabah
                Nature Reflections, Art Village

2007         Malaysian Art Festival, Dhaka Bangladesh
                The Masters' Mystery Art Show Ritz- Carlton, Art Basel Miami
                NBC International Silkscreen Print Biennial Exhibition, Tokyo Japan
                Colors of Harmony, Putrajaya Conference Hall
                Pact Max Art Award Exhibitionn, Gurney Plaze Penang
                Mail Art Exhibition, Shah Alam Gallery
                Rasa Antarabangsa, UKM Bangi
                Saloon Meets Art Exhibition, Elle Six Art Gallery
                Mekar Citra, Shah Alam Gallery
                Fresh Faces 07, Pelita Hati

2006         Open Show, Shah Alam Gallery
                Malaysian Landscapes, National Visual Art Gallery
                Printmaking Exhibition 03, UiTM Malacca
                Painting and Photography Exhibtion, Tasik Kenyir Terengganu

2005         Media and Technique Exploration, UiTM Malacca
2004         Fine Art Department Group Exhibition, UiTM Malacca

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UiTM Malacca
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International Medical University
Geomatica International College
Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad
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Nando's Malaysia
NBC INC Tokyo, Japan
National Art Gallery of Bangladesh
National Museum of Macau
Malaysian Embassy in China
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